Why is Septic Tank Pretreatment Important?

September 22 2021

Why is Septic Tank Pretreatment Important?

One of the most overlooked factors when building or buying your new home is the human waste disposal system. Sometimes, the human waste disposal system can be the break or make of how long you will stay in the newly purchased premise. An overflowing septic tank is not only uncomfortable to live in, but the cost of repairing it is also expensive. That's why, with current construction practices, it is crucial to have a pretreatment septic tank. Septic Blue is a septic tank company that offers services in septic tank pumping and septic cleaning in Atlanta.

What is a Pretreatment Septic Tank?

A pretreatment septic tank is just a separate septic tank with a filter installed prior to the main septic tank. The make and construction of the pretreatment septic tank are ideally the same as that of the primary tank, and the only difference is the filtration system. The filtration system only allows the sludge (liquid human waste) to pass to the primary tank and the solid waste to remain in the pretreatment tank.

What are the Advantages of a Pretreatment Tank?

A sound human waste disposal system should allow for more extended periods between the pump-outs, allow for easy penetration of the sludge material to the surrounding soil, and facilitate healthier soil and groundwater. Improper human waste disposal is a health hazard.
The advantages of a pretreatment tank include:

Longer Durability for the main septic tank.

As previously stated, the pretreatment tank is the filtration system to the main tank. Ideally, a pretreatment tank should minimize the quantity of sludge material entering the primary septic tank by preventing clogging in the septic tank system. In so doing, the pretreatment tank offers the additional advantage of prolonging the lifespan of the primary septic tank.
Additionally, the pretreatment septic tank acts as another storage facility for human waste. The latter ensures that the primary septic tank takes longer to fill, consequently increasing the period for pump-outs. Studies have shown that installing a pretreatment tank to a failing septic tank restores its storage capabilities.

Pretreatment tanks reduce the frequency of Septic tank cleaning.

According to Septic Blue, the frequency of septic cleaning and septic tank pumping largely depends on the size of the septic tank and the installation of the primary septic tank. However, installing a pretreatment tank is ideal as it minimizes the number of times that you need to pump out your septic tank.  

Pretreatment Tank Minimizes on Underground Water and Soil Contamination.

Due to the pretreatment tank's filtration system advantage, the quantity of waste flows to the primary tank. Consequently, the chances of overflow to the surrounding soil and underground water are minimized. Owners of homes with little to no space for sizeable primary septic should consider installing a pretreatment septic tank. The latter ensures that there are no overflows.
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