Why is My Septic Tank Gurgling?

October 05 2020

Why is My Septic Tank Gurgling?

If you are one of twenty percent of U.S. households whose house is not connected to a centralized sewer system, then you likely have a septic system installed. While these systems make it so you do not have to pay monthly sewer bills, you will be responsible for the maintenance, repairs, and replacement costs. Therefore, it is that much more important for you to care for your septic system. Understanding how it works and how it should not behave is your first step toward proper care. Septic Blue has years of experience diagnosing and resolving septic tank issues and we are here if you need urgent assistance. You can call us anytime to have a septic pumping professional dispatched to your location.

How Your Septic System Works

Septic systems use natural process and scientific technology to treat wastewater from the household plumbing. The typical septic system includes a septic tank, drain field, and connecting pipes. Waste and wastewater travels to the septic tank then to the drain field through inlet pipes. The waste is divided into three layers in the septic tank: solid waste, liquid effluent, and scum. While the solids and scum are broken down into sludge by bacteria and microbes in the septic tank, the liquids are ejected into the drain field where they are treated by percolating through the soil. Eventually, the tank must be cleaned to remove the sludge.

What Gurgling Sounds Mean

A gurgling sound coming from your drains or septic tank is a sign that something might not be working properly, but there is not one specific issue. Here are some possible problems that might cause gurgling:

  • Drain Blockage: A clog in your drains can cause slow drainage, water and sewage backups, and gurgling sounds. Shallow clogs can be handled with a quick plunge or drain snake session. Don’t resort to chemical drain cleaners as these can damage your pipes and your septic system.
  • Drain Vent Issue: Drain vents are meant to remove sewer gas from the pipes. If you hear the infamous glug-glug sounds in a nearby sink or shower after flushing the toilet or draining your tub, then the problem might be with your drain vent system. It is important that you have these issue addressed quick.
  • Full Septic Tank: The most common reason why you might be hearing gurgling sounds from your system is a full septic tank. An overfilled septic tank interferes with the flow of wastewater from the tank into the drain field. That gurgling sound is the least of your worries in this situation as an overfilled septic tank can lead to a host of catastrophic problems for your septic tank. Don’t forget to get your routine drain cleaning and drain pumping.

Call the Professionals

If you cannot figure out what is going on with your septic tank, then it is best to call the professionals. The experts at Septic Blue are at your service around the clock to provide you with quality septic inspections, cleaning, and septic tank pumping. Call Septic Blue now to speak with a friendly representative.