Why Do I Hear Water Running in My Septic Tank?

May 13 2024

Why Do I Hear Water Running in My Septic Tank?

Septic systems are unique, but sadly, they get very little credit. These systems are among the best in our homes because they safeguard not only our environment's health but also ours from the harmful bacteria present in wastewater. So, we must be aware of any signs that can potentially show something is wrong with our system. It is advisable for everyone with a septic system to be alert for odd sounds like gurgling or bubbling. These sounds could indicate a major obstruction or be the consequence of inadequate drainage and will tell you when you might need repair or a new septic tank installation. So, some sounds are normal most of the time, while others aren't. In this article, we will discuss why you keep hearing water sounds from your septic tank.

The Sound of a Typically Operating Septic Tank

To determine when to be concerned, it's critical to understand the sound characteristics of a good septic system and tank. Technically, your septic system shouldn't produce any noise. It is unlikely that you will hear any noises at all if your septic system is an aerobic one, which stirs wastewater using an air pump. A continuous buzzing sound will be heard, but it shouldn't be loud if the system uses an air pump. And if you are lucky enough to have a system with an alarm, it will already let you know when your system needs septic tank pumping.

Damaged Tank

Septic tanks have the risk of leaking groundwater due to their location. Some of them are the risk of cracking and contamination of groundwater; this can be the case, especially for concrete tanks. If the tank is a metal one, corrosion can weaken the walls of metal tanks. Wastewater leaks must be repaired as soon as possible since they might cause a number of further issues. In that case, you will need to call a professional septic tank company for septic tank repairs.

Root Invasion

Root infiltration is a potential hazard for underground septic tanks. Unfortunately, trees tend to love the nutrients inside the tank or the pipes and spend a good effort to reach them. In that case, tree roots may break or harm the walls of the pipes or the tank and letting wastewater get outside.

Cold Temperatures

Septic tanks may burst as a result of inadequate insulation or exposure to low temperatures.


A lot of people tend to pour down chemicals, especially drain cleaners when they notice a minor clog. However, these chemicals tend to kill the microorganisms inside the tank and cause the tank to be unfunctional.

Reliable Septic Services

Septic systems last longer and stay intact if you provide frequent, proper maintenance for them.  A professional inspection of your septic tanks once a year and regular cleaning of them are recommended by several specialists. The good news is that Septic Blue can help you with your regular maintenance. Please give us a call right now to learn more about us.