What's a Septic Tank Riser?

July 13 2020

What's a Septic Tank Riser?

Most new septic systems are equipped with tank risers that is absent in many old systems. If you have a modern septic system, you may have a septic riser installed from the onset.

Wondering what a septic tank riser is?

A septic riser is a round pipe of large diameter designed to fit and raise the height of the septic cleanout opening. The primary aim of a septic riser is to make tank inspection, baffle repair as well as septic pumping easier.

Before the advent of risers, septic tanks are installed off sight, making them hard to inspect or maintained, and this approach usually shortens the lifespan of a system. Most times, homeowners even forget their system until emergency repair or septic tank pumping comes up.

With a septic riser in view, you’ll feel the need to maintain periodic maintenance and checks.

If you need a riser installed for your existing or new septic tank, we can send a professional plumber from Septic Blue to inspect your system and determine the suitable size and type of septic riser.

How Septic Tank Risers Are Made

A septic riser can be made of PVC, polyethylene or fiberglass. The appropriate riser for your system depends on the size and model of your tank.

The fundamental reason for having one installed is to have a visual reminder of your system. Earlier, entire septic installation is buried out of sight out of mind perhaps to avoid the unpleasant picture it brings to the mind. But there are many downsides to this approach.

First, you may forget the exact position of your septic tank, which makes periodic check and care challenging—you may start looking for visual cues to pinpoint the precise location.

During repairs or pumping, a septic service company may also found it hard locating the opening resulting in deep digs of your lawn, and this usually costs you more than required. Let’s go over some of the benefits of installing a riser.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

For many septic service contractors, accessibility is a significant price determinant. The more effort required to excavate your lawn, the more you pay. Though the cost associated with purchasing and installing a riser can be high, this pays off in the long run by lowering your septic tank maintenance costs.


With the riser in view, it’ll be easier to keep up with regular check, maintenance, and inspection. This is also a plus for the septic service company and your lawn—less excavation and uniform lawn.

Landscape Preservation

In case you don’t know where your septic tank is positioned, “guess-digging” can deform a specific portion of your turf or leach field. But with a riser, your lawn will be spared, especially from heavy excavating equipment.

Need Professional Help?

Having a secure septic tank is paramount just as its installation. Loved ones tripping into your septic tank may not be the coolest experience; we thereby recommend entrusting your riser installation or fixing to an experienced plumber.

At Septic Blue, we have a team of trained and certified plumbers who are ready to help you install a tight and safe riser using high-quality materials.

Our customer-centric engineers can service either your new or existing septic system. To learn more about septic risers or book an appointment, give us a call today.