Warning Signs for Aerobic Septic System Maintenance

November 17 2021

Warning Signs for Aerobic Septic System Maintenance

Most people who live far from the city do not have the privilege of sharing the city's sewer system. This means that you must have an aerobic septic system to handle the waste from your home and avoid water pollution. It is important always to ensure that your septic system undergoes regular maintenance such as septic tank pumping and cleaning, ensuring that the entire system is in tiptop shape. Septic Blue is a septic company with a dedicated team of experts ready to regularly assess your system and detect any potential risks that need to be fixed.

Our team is well-equipped and informed on the ways to enhance the health of your aerobic septic system. From using safe amounts of chlorine to disinfect the system to septic cleaning, we can ensure that your system is functioning efficiently.

Signs Your Aerobic System Needs Maintenance

If you have an aerobic septic system on your premises, then you are familiar with the sound of a wailing alarm. Although this alarm doesn't necessarily mean that you are experiencing a problem, it may indicate the need for maintenance. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the various signs that call for professional maintenance for the aerobic system. Some of the warning signs of being on the lookout for include:

No Power

When you notice the absence of power in your septic system, it is important to rule out the obvious reasons, such as being turned off. Once you have confirmed that the power switch is not turned off and the breaker is not tripped, this indicates that there's an electrical issue with your system. Our team can help you in solving the problem by conducting maintenance and other necessary repairs.

Malfunctioning Submersible Pump

Most of the time, septic tanks with this problem require a new pump to be installed. However, this is not always the case since something small like a bad float can lead to an inoperable pump. Aside from a bad float, some common reasons why submersible pumps stop working include damaged parts and faulty wiring. When this happens, it is advisable to consult the experts for maintenance so that your system can function properly.

Low Air Pressure

When there is insufficient air or the air pressure drastically reduces, this indicates that your system's aerator needs maintenance. We can help you restore proper oxygen intake in your system so that there's proper air circulation within the system for breaking down waste and enhancing the septic system's efficiency.

Inaccurate Timer or Photocell

The timer and photocell work hand-in-hand to ensure that the water is held in the pump tank until the appropriate time to be released. When either of these parts is not functioning as expected, it results in prevention or delayed release of water, which can cause an overflow. Regular maintenance of your aerobic system is recommended to mitigate such issues and enhance the efficiency and health of your septic system.

For more information on your septic system, Septic Blue has a team of experts to help you maintain a safe and clean system. We provide quality septic tank pumping and other maintenance services at a reasonable price. Contact us today and get a free estimate.