The Importance of Proper Septic Design

October 30 2022

The Importance of Proper Septic Design

When building a property that cannot access the local sewer system, one of the most important aspects is designing a suitable septic tank. In fact, a property's final design cannot be completed until the ideal location for the septic tank has been selected. The septic tank's construction and design will benefit greatly from this action. Without a proper design of your septic system, there can be shortcomings in certain areas of the system.

Causes of Septic Failure

The design of a septic system may not appear to involve a lot, but if it is not done correctly, the results can be far from pleasant. The system may fail prematurely, pose a health risk, or necessitate expensive repairs, all while causing a real mess in your home or business. Consider the following typical reasons for a septic system failure to better comprehend the significance of proper septic system design.

  • The amount of wastewater that is introduced into the septic tank exceeds its capacity. When a business only considers the minimum amount required for permitting and fails to take into account how the family or business will actually be using the septic system, this is a common design flaw.
  • The septic system didn't receive proper maintenance. Make sure the septic company that designs and installs your septic system thoroughly explains the upkeep required to keep it running. An example would be septic tank pumping, which should be performed every 3-5 years, or however often it is needed. Call Septic Blue and schedule an appointment for septic tank pumping today.
  • Introducing the septic system with the wrong materials. During the creation of the septic system design, it is essential to discuss all aspects of your home, including any unusual items you require the system to handle. Also, find out what you can and cannot send down the drain.

Hire a Civil Engineer

Before you begin the installation of your septic system, it is essential to hire a skilled septic tank builder to survey and inspect your property. In order to determine the most suitable location for installing the septic system, the specialist will examine the layout of your property and conduct various soil tests. They will also consider where you want to put your property during this process.

Steps to Take

To ensure that the septic system functions properly, the septic tank designer may ask you to alter the location where you want to build your home. Since the majority of septic tanks are designed to follow a downstream flow, this will help you save money on the investment. As a result, gravity-fed septic designs are less expensive than those that require pumping to function properly. If you don't like the look of a standard septic tank, you can ask the design expert to give you other options. Before deciding which option to pursue, make sure that you have a thorough understanding of the benefits and drawbacks associated with each.

Hire an Expert

At Septic Blue, our engineers are exceptionally skilled at designing the ideal septic system for the given application. They don't try to rush your project, which would have a negative impact on quality and cause problems in the long run. Our septic company in Mableton, GA keeps you informed throughout the process so that you can provide important feedback and understand what to anticipate both during and after your finished septic system design. Consult with us for professional help on septic design.