The Importance of Monthly Septic Maintenance

January 15 2024

The Importance of Monthly Septic Maintenance

Do you have questions about what septic tank maintenance is and what it entails? Maintaining a septic tank is relatively simple. For individuals who have lived with a septic tank for years or who are new to having one, it might be difficult to determine whether or not you're doing a good job of maintaining your tank, so in this article, we prepared a mini guide to you about what should be included in your routine septic maintenance.

Setting Up A Schedule

The majority of the particles that are placed in the septic tank need to be able to break down eventually. However, over time, these particles are going to accumulate inside your septic tank to the point where it cannot perform its normal functions regularly. On the good side, getting your septic tank professionally cleaned regularly is going to prevent that because those accumulations are going to be rid of before they start causing problems. There is no definitive rule about how often your septic tank needs to be cleaned; the size of your tank and the needs of your household will determine the precise timing. A single homeowner with a midsized tank, for instance, could be able to go four years without septic tank pumping in Mableton, GA, but a large family will likely need a once-a-year cleaning for a similar tank size. What you have to do is hire a professional septic company that can tell you how often your tank needs to be cleaned and stick to that schedule.

Checking Your Surroundings

Take regular walks around the septic system and see whether there are any spots near the tank where the grass is noticeably denser or lusher than in other parts of the yard. That's because a leaking tank can make the plants in that particular area grow a lot. However, you will also notice a distinct smell of sewage waste if that is the case, so identifying if you have a leaky tank won't be as hard. Of course, this might be a bit harder if your tank is buried deep underground, but as a part of your routine, try to check things often in your yard to see if there's anything abnormal.

Knowing Certain Locations

The drain field, also known as the leach field, is where wastewater is discharged after being filtered through the system. As a homeowner, make sure you are aware of the drain field borders because later, when you decide to plant some trees or park your car somewhere other than your garage, you should make sure this isn't anywhere near the drain field because it might seriously disrupt your septic system and you may need septic tank repair afterward.

Using Bacterial Additives

Finally, know that your septic system relies on different bacteria for the waste to be decomposed, and over time, due to the constant use of drain cleaners, soaps, and detergents, a portion of this microflora may die and leave your tank dysfunctional. So, as a homeowner, make sure to occasionally buy bacterial additives and use them.

Hiring The Right Company

If you discover issues with your septic system, the professionals at Septic Blue will be happy to help. We can help with maintenance jobs like septic tank cleaning and fixing minor problems, or we can even help you with septic tank installation if you need one. We are a trustworthy septic firm in your community, and we would be happy to help you with any septic-related issues you might be facing. To find out more, get in contact with us.