Septic System Maintenance Tips

July 13 2020

Septic System Maintenance Tips

The septic system needs regular septic maintenance like every other system and components in your home.

You will be amazed to know the cost of having a septic system replaced! However, there is no need for spending huge sums when you can adopt some easy practice to ensure your septic system keeps functioning correctly for a long time

Septic Blue brings you some helpful tips to help maintain your system, so it serves you for as long as possible.

Keep your site clear of trees and brushes

It’s recommended to avoid places with trees that have far-reaching roots while planning the site for your septic system. Some of the trees that should be avoided are the Maple tree, Japanese willow, and the Ash tree. It's better to go for trees that reduce erosion.

Conserve water as much as possible

The septic system gets filled faster when you use excess water for flushing the toilet and bathing. It’s good practice to limit the usage of water in your home. One easy way to conserve water is to use ‘low flow’ fixtures.

Also, you should repair faulty faucets as soon as you notice them. You could crawl under your house from time to time and observe for any sign of leakages. Even the tiniest leakage can result in gallons of water entering your system daily.

Ensure that only toilet paper goes down the system

Anything other than biodegradable toilet papers is not right to go down your system. These include diapers, tampons, condoms, cigarette butt, and other non-biodegradable items.

Also, avoid flushing household chemicals (like detergents, grease, gasoline, bleach) down the septic system. These chemicals often contain ingredients that break down beneficial bacteria inside the system.

Avoid using a garbage disposal

It seems like the right thing to do to have a garbage disposal installed. But is it advisable? The materials inside the garbage disposal lead to an easy build-up of solids which fills up the septic tank quickly. Think about it. Is it challenging to thrash kitchen waste in a disposable bag and out into the refuse bin? You could be saving yourself money and trouble heeding this simple advice.

Pump your Septic tank every three to five years

The septic system should be pumped as soon as it's necessary. You don't want to wait until every corner of your yard is polluted. The more the number of people in the house, the faster the tank fills up and the quicker you will need to pump out the system.

Regularly inspect and maintain the system

You should endeavor to have your system checked as regularly as possible. Septic Blue advises that you carry out routine checks at least once a year. For this, employ the service of seasoned professionals who can spot faults and leakages and effect repairs before break down occurs.

Contact certified professionals to handle repairs

While you might want to save cost; it's always better, in the long run, to get the service of professionals whenever the need for repairs arises. These professionals can work with your budget and deliver quality servicing and repair of your systems, guaranteeing you results you won’t regret.

If you’re looking for reputable and certified septic system maintenance professional, Septic Blue has the expertise and years of service to deliver and effect repairs on your system; we are always one call away.