Preparing Your Home for Septic System Installation

July 13 2020

Preparing Your Home for Septic System Installation

The installation and design of a perfect septic system for your property depends largely on the professional that is handling the project. A proper septic design and installation involves adequate analysis and flow circulation as well as choosing an applicable treatment method. At Septic Blue, we understand that all septic systems are different and depending on your specific requirement, there may be need to design a custom conventional and aerobic septic system design and installed by our professionals.

You may choose to schedule an appointment with our experts to get your property assessed so we can determine the type of septic system that is right for you. Our services at Septic Blue include but not limited to:

Do you want Aerobic or Conventional Septic System?

One of the common problems a property owner may have is to make the right choice of septic system to installation. If you are considering whether to have an aerobic septic system or the conventional septic system, we got you covered. We will evaluate your property and guide to determine the type of septic system that is most suited for your property.

The Aerobic septic system may be regarded as the ‘above ground’ water wastewater treatment plant. This allows the wastewater flows into a large tank with three chambers and dosed with aeration and chlorination. The treated wastewater becomes clear, odourless and environmentally friendly which is then pumped to spray heads and distributed over the spray field. The aerobic septic system requires electricity to work effectively.

The conventional septic system on the other hand is referred to the ‘Underground’ septic system which carries both the liquid and the solid material of the wastewater to an underground leach field. The wastewater flows downward through the soil and undergoes natural purification before returning to the groundwater. The good news is, irrespective of the type of septic system that you need to install, Septic Blue is your go-to septic system installation expert.

Septic System Repair and Maintenance

There is need to regularly maintain your septic system or overhaul the system so ensure that it continues to work optimally.

If your septic system compressor has stopped working or your pump and sprinkler heads has refused to work effectively. We can help you repair or replace your septic system. Call Septic Blue, for your site evaluation, septic system design, septic repair and maintenance. Our trained technicians are readily available to help you fix whatever problem that your septic system may have. With our septic system repair and maintenance services, Septic Blue can save you both time and money.

You need a professional for your septic system installation

Septic system installation in your residential or commercial property could be more complex than you can imagine. Some locations have a varied terrain and architectural constraints which may hinder the installation and efficiency of the underground holding tank and pipes.

This is one of the reasons you need a professional that is knowledgeable and certified in septic system installation. Thanks to the experience of the professionals at Septic Blue, your septic system installation will be done with diligence and precision, give us a call today.