Is Your Skin Routine Causing Septic Problems?

September 04 2022

Is Your Skin Routine Causing Septic Problems?

Most people use some type of skincare product when starting or ending their day. It’s important to take care of yourself, but it’s also important to keep your septic system in mind as well. What you send down your drains directly affects the health of your septic system. The system consists of bacteria that help break down organic waste. Anything besides that can disrupt the natural processes and functioning of your septic system. Take a look at what products you should avoid sending down to your septic tank.


Certain cosmetics like foundation can stick to the walls of plumbing pipes. If you washed down excess product or accidentally spilled some down your drain, it can lead to clogs and buildup. Other debris that makes its way down your drains such as hair or soap can stick to the makeup and eventually clog the pipe. Additionally, most cosmetics contain zinc, chromium, and titanium. These metals are nonbiodegradable and will float around in the tank’s effluent before being sent into the groundwater. Avoiding sending any cosmetics down the drain prevents clogs and contaminating the groundwater. If you face a situation like this, contact a septic company such as Septic Blue to come to your assistance.

Fabric Softeners

The whole purpose of fabric softeners and the chemicals they contain are against the septic system. They work by adding chemicals known as quaternary ammonium compounds to clothes in order to soften them. These chemicals are known to kill the helpful bacteria that break down your waste. Along with other chemicals, fabric softeners can be a menace to your septic system.

Latex Products

Some cosmetic products contain natural rubber latex. Latex products are nonbiodegradable, which means the bacteria will not break them down and they can only be removed with the next septic tank pumping. If they find a way into the drain field, they can even clog up the system. Avoid flushing these products down the drain and throw them in the trash bin instead.


You may be taking medicine to take care of yourself. If you own a septic system, make sure to never flush the medicine down your toilet. The substances found in pharmaceutical products can disrupt the bacterial balance in your septic system. If it enters your septic tank, medicine can also find its way into the groundwater.

Antibacterial Soap

You could easily tell by its name that this product should never be in your septic system. It’s specifically designed to kill bacteria, which is one of the most important components of your septic system. If you normally used this product to wash your face or hands, substitute it with another septic-friendly product that does the same job.


Depending on what you’re using, when you clean your face by the day's end, you might be adding to a future clog. Eliminating cosmetics permits all that you've applied throughout the day, from sunscreen to powder, to stream down the drain. This happens each time you wear and remove cosmetics, so regardless of whether you wear weighty makeup, it can develop over the long run.

How to Help

There are a few things you can do to improve your septic system health. You can start by eliminating using some of the products listed above, or at least avoid sending them down your drain from now on. Next, call a septic company for an inspection of your septic system. Have septic tank pumping done to remove any present oils and chemicals from your tank. Once your septic system is cleaned, be sure to avoid making the same mistakes again in the future.