How to Tell If Your Septic Tank is Full?

July 13 2020

How to Tell If Your Septic Tank is Full?

The septic tank is one of the critical components in your home, which ensures the convenience of everyone when it is not properly taken care of, the homeowner could have an unpleasant mess to contend with.

This is because the septic tank needs to be pumped every three to five years but the rule is not cast in stone. There are factors that could make you pump or maintain your septic tank sooner than later and they include:

  • The number of inhabitants in your property
  • The septic tanks size
  • Knowledge and application of water conservation
  • And the volume of solids contained in your septic tank

However, no matter the size of the septic tank or the number of people in your household, to avoid the health hazards associated with non-pumping or maintenance of the septic tank, experts at has explored some telltale signs which homeowners should look out for.

Slow drains

Sluggish draining of any component of your plumbing system like the showers, washing machines, toilets, tubs toilet could be an indication that your pipes need to be pumped.

Its good to notice this on time so you could call professionals to come and evaluate the system. If you’ve noticed that your drains isn’t as fast as it used to be, call Septic Blue, and we will identify the problem as well as offer you septic pumping services at a reasonable price.

Foul odor

Did you catch a whiff of any sewage odor in your yard, then you should consider having a look at your septic tank? One of the signs of a filled septic tank is to release sulphurous or foul odor to the atmosphere and the negative effects goes beyond the smell, it is very unhealthy to keep perceiving such smell in and around your property.

The odor could emanate from the outdoor septic tank when it feels up, your drains, toilets and drain field. Call experts to evaluate and identify where the odor is emanating.

Sewer backup

This the grossest tip of them all. Once you experience sewer backup in your plumbing systems, it means that the sewer tank has filled to its capacity.

You need to get it pumped as well as have an expert to inspect the system for potential issues.

Green lawn and standing water

If the grass over your drain field suddenly become greenish the ones in other locations, it is a pointer that something is wrong with your septic tank. It will be more profitable and time saving to for an expert to inspect your septic tank.

If there is a sudden appearance of standing or pooling water in your property, do not procrastinate, rather call an expert for help.

Customer satisfaction is always our priority

We prioritize your convenience because we treat everyone as equal. Once we receive a call, trained and certified electricians will be sent to your location as soon as possible.

At Septic Blue, we have the capability, the right equipment to handle all your septic tank needs. Give us a call and get the solution to your problematic septic tank.