How to Maintain a Functioning Drain Field

November 08 2021

How to Maintain a Functioning Drain Field

A septic system is an integral part of your property, especially if you live away from the city and lack access to its water and sewer system. Therefore, a septic system is in charge of treating the wastewater that comes from various parts of your house, such as the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen. Every septic system features a tank solid waste is separated from liquid waste before being treated. Once this is done, the wastewater will move into the leach or drain field, draining into the soil or evaporating. Septic Blue is a septic company that offers a range of septic-related services, from septic cleaning to septic tank pumping, ensuring that your system is in tiptop shape. If you wish to maintain a functioning drain field, you need to consider the following:

Regular Pumping

We recommend that regular septic tank pumping is vital after every three years. If you are concerned about the cost, it is advisable to get in touch with a septic company and find out the cost depending on the size of your tank. It is advisable to contact a professional team since they will pump your tank and conduct routine maintenance checks to determine if other concerns need to be dealt with.

Give Bacteria Room to Work

When it comes to breaking down solid waste in your septic tank, bacteria play a vital role in ensuring that it is done thoroughly. Immediately wastewater enters your septic tank, liquid and solid waste are separated, where the solid waste moves to the bottom. Bacteria then break down the solid waste, allowing the fluid to flow out and be treated. However, if the bacteria are not active, the sludge won’t separate, creating a thick layer at the bottom of the tank resulting in a backup or clog.

Watch What You Put Down the Drain

It is essential to keep an eye on what’s going down the drain to ensure that your drain field operates appropriately. Some things to look out for include grease and oil, which usually result in pipe damage and clogs. Damaged pipes can quickly advance and become significant drain problems that will require professional expertise and costly repair. It would help if you also refrained from disposing of harsh chemicals down the drain or other bacteria-killing products since you risk depleting all the vital bacteria in the tank.

Regular Maintenance

To avoid septic-related problems, you should ensure that the septic tank is regularly pumped since it improves the overall health of the tank and the drain field. We have a well-equipped, professional team dedicated to helping you enjoy an appropriately functioning septic system. Whenever you suspect something is wrong or notice something outside the ordinary, such as lush grass or unexpected flooding, you should contact a septic company at once.

Septic Blue has a team of septic experts to solve problems for commercial clients and homeowners. Contact us and enjoy complete septic services within the same day, regardless of whether it’s a small or large problem.