Exposing Common Septic Myths

January 22 2024

Exposing Common Septic Myths

Many residences, especially in rural regions, rely on septic systems to manage their wastewater. Even though they are so commonly found, not much is known about them, and because of this, this entire concept is prone to a number of myths and misunderstandings that may result in improper upkeep procedures and expensive issues in the future. Therefore, in this article, we will try to inform you about some of the most widespread misconceptions about septic systems.

Myth 1- Septic Systems Can Last Forever

The common misconception is that, with regular sewage pumping and upkeep, a septic system may last a lifetime. On the other hand, most septic systems last from 20 to 40 years, no matter how well you take care of and maintain your septic system. A poorly maintained system can significantly lower the lifespan of your septic system.

Myth 2- You Can Flush Many Items Down Your Toilet Without Any Issues

The misconception among many people is that many items may be flushed down the toilet without facing any negative effects. However, the only thing outside of waste that should go down your toilet should be toilet paper. Anything other than toilet paper, including paper towels, wet wipes, hygiene products, or baby diapers, cannot go down the toilet, or these items can significantly damage the function of your septic system.

Myth 3-  Pump-outs Are Not Necessary While Using Additives

Bacterial additives are good for septic systems because they can be kept healthy and operational with the use of them. Through the use of various detergents and chemical cleaners, the portion of the bacteria in your septic system dies. In order to replace these bacteria so the septic system can go back to operating normally, many people prefer to use bacterial additives. However, there's a misconception that claims pumping won't be necessary if you use additives. However, even though these additives are good for your septic system, they cannot replace the need for septic tank pumping.

Myth 4 -  An obstructed system is unfixable

A new septic tank installation isn't always essential because many clogged systems can be cleared with proper maintenance and septic tank repair. There are many factors that can clog your septic system, including tree roots and large sewage particles entering the leaching bed. These issues are typically resolved without the need to replace any system components. There are great septic tank cleaning methods nowadays, especially one called hydro-jetting, which uses water pressure to clean the system. If the issue cannot be resolved with jetting, then you may seek repair.


It's critical to recognize widespread misconceptions about septic systems, especially as a homeowner, in order to prevent wasting money and to take small actions that can elongate the lifespan of your system. One of the most crucial things you can do to save yourself from expensive repairs is regular maintenance. Septic Blue is a professional septic company that can help you with your septic needs. Call our professionals to schedule your appointment now.