Dos & Don’ts Of Grease Trap Maintenance

November 01 2021

Dos & Don’ts Of Grease Trap Maintenance

If you operate a restaurant, you are familiar with a grease trap and its purpose in the kitchen. Having grease build-up in your pipes can result in unprecedented damage, which usually starts as a blockage. It is vital to ensure that your grease trap is properly maintained to function properly and keep grease from wreaking havoc in your lines. Septic Blue is a septic company with a team of experts who provide a range of services, such as septic cleaning and grease trap maintenance, among others.

Regardless of the type of business you run, such as a bakery, or own a large franchise, our team of experts can ensure that your grease trap is clean and your septic system is running smoothly. Some states usually charge a hefty fine if you do not comply with the set grease trap guidelines. Below are some of the dos and don’ts when it comes to grease trap maintenance.

The Dos

Ensure the Grease Trap is Cleaned Regularly

We recommend scheduling regular cleaning every three months to prevent grease from getting into your septic system. Most people usually wait for signs before having their grease trap cleaned, which is not advisable and could result in significant damage. Failure to clean the grease trap can also result in a grease backup, which may lead to the temporary closure of the business. We have the appropriate equipment to ensure that your grease trap is clean and functioning, so you don’t have to worry about grease-related problems.

Ensure the Grease Trap is Properly Installed

If your grease trap is not collecting grease properly, this indicates that it was not installed properly and could lead to future problems. It is advisable to consult an expert to install it properly and mitigate any issues such as blocked pipes. We can ensure that your grease trap is properly installed and not result in costly repairs and replacements.

Hire Professionals for Maintenance

It is advisable to have a team of experts carry out maintenance for your grease trap since it gives you peace of mind knowing that experts are handling it. We have the appropriate equipment to efficiently and effectively get the job done without compromising quality. Not only will we ensure that your grease trap is cleaned correctly, but we will also comply with Federal and State laws.

The Don’ts

Avoid Using Solvents to Clean the Grease Trap

Using chemicals to clean the grease trap destroys the enzymes that break down grease, ultimately destroying the trap itself, requiring costly repairs and replacements. Our team uses the most effective cleaning method and equipment that doesn’t compromise the grease-breaking enzymes or damage the trap.

Avoid Pouring Water into the Grease Trap

Most people end up pouring hot water down the grease trap, which only causes more damage than good. Hot water liquefies the grease making it easy for the grease to escape from the trap and make its way into the pipes. This is why pipes get blocked, resulting in bursts and grease back up, among many other problems.

At Septic Blue, we help you ensure that your grease trap is well maintained and functions efficiently. Our experts provide a range of services such as septic tank pumping and other maintenance services. Contact us today for quality septic services from the professionals in the business.