Common Leach Field Problems

July 13 2020

Common Leach Field Problems

What You Should Know About Your Leach Field

Most homeowners know how their septic tanks work, but few are familiar with their leach fields. The leach field, also known as the drain field is an integral part of the septic system and it is the underground region where leach field pipe filters the wastewater from your septic tank into the soil. The wastewater will sink into the soil where it is broken down by the natural bacteria. There is a wide range of septic system failures caused by the faulty leach field. The septic system relies on your leach field to filter and disperse waste; hence you should contact a certified septic system technician for periodic inspection of the leach field.

What are the Main Causes of Leach Field Malfunction?

There is a wide range of causes of the malfunctioning leach field, the draining chemicals, paint and other complex substances flowing down the drain are the most prominent causes. Leaking toilets and drains and excessive water consumption in the house may also cause drain field issues. Damages can be caused through construction or moving vehicles over the location of the septic tank. Water runoff from snow and flooding from excessive rainfall can also cause issues with the leach field. Interference from plant or tree roots and old age-related issues can also cause leach field to malfunction.

Not having your septic tank pumping regularly to remove sludge may also cause leach field malfunction. Most septic tanks will require at least one pumping and cleaning every 2-3 years, though, this should depend on the size of the tank. Please contact us at Septic Blue to get your leach field maintenance services to avoid malfunctioning.

Other Things You Should Know About Leach Field

The Signs and Symptoms of Leach Malfunction to Look For

Leach field malfunction is a problem that must be handled promptly. If not properly handled, leach problems can create health issues for you, family and neighbors. One common sign of leach field malfunction you should watch out for is the appearance of greener grass over the leach field than the rest of the area. The appearance of wet, mushy or standing water in the leach field area is another sign to watch out for. Sudden odors around the drain, tank or leach field must also be examined. Backed up plumbing or slow-running drains may also be a sign. Please contact us at Septic Blue if you notice any of these problems.

Get Leach Field Treatment Repairs and Maintenance Care from Experts

Leach fields will last for between 15 and 20 years on average especially when taken care of. With proper monitoring of water that goes into your septic system and adequate maintenance care, you should be able to extend the lifespan of the drain field while reducing the risks of a complete breakdown. Please don’t wait until the drain field becomes malfunctioned before you give us a call. Contact us today at Septic Blue and we will be there to inspect and provide adequate maintenance care to revive the drain field.