Commercial Septic System Maintenance Tips

July 24 2022

Commercial Septic System Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a commercial septic system isn’t too costly if you have regular maintenance in your yearly routine. By having septic system maintenance, you decrease the chances of needing any big repair for your septic tank and increase longevity for the septic system. Commercial septic systems are similar to residential systems, but they need further assistance and attention because they handle more waste than a residential septic system. Call for a septic service like Septic Blue to take care of your septic system maintenance and follow the steps to take care of it. Here are some tips you can follow yourself to keep the septic system safe.

Tips for Maintenance

  • Know Your Septic System – Knowing at least the basics of your septic system is extremely important for problem-solving situations. The business owner should have a copy of the original diagram of the septic system which indicates where everything is and the name of each part of the septic system. Even if your knowledge of the septic system isn’t enough to solve the issue, you can still take precautions and prevent the issue from getting worse.
  • Don’t Flush Garbage – You should authorize approaches in your business premises to try not to stop up the septic tank system with materials that are difficult to eliminate and non-biodegradable. For example, you should disallow representatives and clients from flushing trash, particularly plastic, female hygiene items, or child diapers, into the septic tank. This can be challenging to force, so normal checks of the septic system should be conveyed to abstain from clogging and overflow.
  • Avoid Grease and Oil – Refrain from pouring your leftover grease and oils into the drains or toilets because this can lead to clogs inside the pipes. Unfortunately, many people do this because they think of oils as regular liquids which won’t affect the septic system. Little do they know that the oil and grease can build up along with other substances and cause blockages in pipes. If the problem becomes serious, you may need to call for a septic service to clear out the clog.
  • Don’t Plant Trees Near Drain Field – Plants with deep roots such as trees and shrubs can grow out to disrupt the septic system if they’re too close. If you want to plant trees, do it at least 50 feet away from the area your septic tank and drain field is in.
  • Install Efficient Toilets – In a residential home, flushing water adds up to around 30% of complete water utilization. The excess 70% commonly comes from showering, laundry, dishwashing, and drinking water. In workplaces, however, flushing the toilet compares to around 43% of water utilization, and this can be significantly higher for business structures. In this way, you should think about introducing water-efficient toilets and urinals.

Have a Healthy Septic System

By following these rules, you’ll have many benefits to your business and keep your septic system safe. Extending the life expectancy of the septic tank, saving money for emergency repairs, and preventing business downtime are just some of the great benefits that come with keeping up the maintenance of your septic tank. If you ever need help with repairs or want a septic pumping, call Septic Blue.