Can You Have A Septic Tank Without A Leach Field?

October 25 2021

Can You Have A Septic Tank Without A Leach Field?

If you live in a place that doesn’t have a centralized sewer system, then a septic system is the next great option. There are a lot of benefits to having a septic tank, but it takes up a significant amount of space on your property. This is the main reason why people ask whether they can have an on-site waste treatment facility without a leach field. Well, Septic Blue is a septic company that has experience in providing septic tank-related services such as septic cleaning, and septic tank pumping can help you get to the bottom of this common inquiry.

Understanding a Septic System

Before considering other space-saving alternatives, it is important to understand how these systems work. Septic systems are underground wastewater treatment structures located underground. They are commonly found in places that lack a centralized sewer system, and rely on chemical reactions and natural processes to treat wastewater from your residential or commercial establishment.

An ordinary septic tank is made up of a septic tank, and a leach field or drain field. Once the wastewater and solid waste is led to the septic tank using plumbing pipes, they are separated into three layers. The bottom layer is filled with solid waste, the middle layer comprises of waste water, and the top layer is made up of oil floats and scum. The middle layer of wastewater is ejected out of the septic tank using outlet pipes towards the leach field, allowing for the breakdown of solid waste by bacteria and chemicals into sludge.

The leach field is an important component of the septic system, and allows for further treatment of the wastewater to get rid of any impurities left behind. It is advisable to schedule a leach field maintenance to ensure that the bacteria break down the organic and biodegradable substances that flow in from the septic tank. Failure to properly maintain your leach field may result to problems in the whole septic system. Through regular septic tank pumping prevents any sludge from accumulating and blocking the filter, ensuring that the leach field is functioning at its optimum.

The Need for a Leach Field

Operating a septic system without a leach field is an impossible task, since you will be forced to look for an alternative storage for the wastewater. This will require you to schedule regular pickups and new storage tanks every time one fills up increasing the cost of maintenance. Although it is not possible to operate a septic system without a leach field, we provide you with the option of choosing the type of septic system installation that suits your needs. Some of the common options include chamber systematic, mound system, conventional system, construction wetland system, and aerobic treatment system among many others.

It is important to have our experts assess your property to help you choose the most appropriate system. Septic Blue is a local septic company that provides quality septic services from septic cleaning to maintenance and repairs. Contact us if you ever find yourself in need of emergency septic services.