Buying a Home with a Septic System

July 13 2020

Buying a Home with a Septic System

It’s natural for prospective home buyers to get overly excited when they find that property with the features they’ve been looking for. Apparently, the home is highly affordable, it’s located in a safe neighborhood, it has plenty of space for your kids to play, and the electrical system and security is working perfectly.

However, as a prospective investor, don’t allow emotions or excitement to restrict you from asking critical questions about the plumbing and wastewater management system of the property you intend to purchase. Some homes that aren’t served by municipal sewers have standalone septic tanks to dispose and manage the wastewater. These standalone tanks a buried underground and are the easiest home component to forget during evaluation.

Therefore, it is recommended that due diligence must be followed, which includes septic tank inspection and other necessary procedure before concluding the transaction. If there is a septic tank in the property you want to buy, then get the following information.

  • The service and repair history of the septic tank
  • The capacity or size of the tank
  • A copy of the septic system permit before installation
  • The age of the septic tank including the leach field
  • Cost of pumping a tank in the neighborhood/county

It is a fact that there are several factors that determines septic system maintenance, including tank accessibility, size, distance to drain field et cetera; you should also ask for the assumed cost of the septic tank maintenance.

Insist on conducting a septic tank inspection

Although some realtors may discourage you from spending money on septic tank inspection, the truth is that an inspection is beneficial in the long run. A traditional home inspection does not include an in-depth evaluation of the septic tank. Therefore, you should insist on having it done before the exchange of the title documents. It will avail you detailed information about the health of the septic tank vis-a-vis the plumbing system of the building.

The result of the inspection will show whether there are invasive tree roots that have the potentials of damaging the system. It will also show the ‘health’ of other components of the septic tank including the baffles, filter, septic tank cover, pipes etc. The inspection will help to identify signs of potential problems of the septic tank so you can avoid receiving a colossal repair bill a few months after the purchase.

Another reason you must request for a septic tank evaluation is lenders requirement for approving a mortgage loan. Though the presence of a septic tank in a property makes prospective buyers nervous, detailed inspection and a piece of professional advice from experts at Septic Blue is all you need to make a profitable investment.

Call a professional at Septic Blue for your septic tank inspection

If you’re looking at buying a home with an installed septic tank, the smartest decision to make is to call a professional plumber at Septic Blue for septic tank inspection.

We have advanced equipment that will be used to provide a detailed report about the septic tank in your property. As a leader in providing various types of plumbing services to both residential and commercial buildings, our goal is to exceed customer’s expectation in every job we do.

Call us today and get affordable septic tank inspection services because we are poised to helping you invest without regrets.