Are Shared Septic Tanks A Good Idea?

February 04 2024

Are Shared Septic Tanks A Good Idea?

A shared septic tank is an unknown concept to many. Homeowners don’t know whether this would be beneficial for them or the contribution they may have to make. So, to inform everyone, we gathered some information. Throughout this article, we will go over the benefits of a shared septic tank, tips for proper maintenance, how many properties can share a septic tank, having an agreement, and how Septic Blue can help.

What Are The Benefits of A Shared Septic Tank?

Shared septic tanks may seem like a bad system to share with others. However, this system is proven to have great benefits when shared. Firstly, any cost related to the system, like the cost of running it, repair, or replacements, would all be shared between the people using it. Another benefit is saving space. If the tank isn't shared, every household must get a different septic tank and cover the costs. However, with this shared system, the tank can be placed in an area in the middle, allowing you more space on your land. Lastly, the septic tanks will work in better conditions and more efficiently. If there is any sign of a septic problem, people will look at what it is. The constant use of this system will also allow it to work more efficiently. Call Septic Blue today to get your septic tank installation.

Tips For Proper Maintenance For Your Shared Septic Tank

In shared septic tanks, proper maintenance is crucial. In addition to the ways that homeowners can take responsibility with the things that they put in their drainage system, oils, kitchen papers, sanitary products, and lots of hair should not be thrown down the drain as this may block the system and come to you with a lot of problems. If you want to be more professional and better care for your septic tank, get a septic tank pumping service to extend its life.

How Many Properties Can Share A Septic Tank?

You might be wondering how many properties a septic tank can handle. This is very high. There is no definite answer to this question. However, with a basic tank, you can expect it to cover a few houses minimum. There are sizes for these tanks. The larger it becomes, the more properties can share it. Contact your septic company to learn which septic tank you should get.

Make Sure To Have An Agreement

If you are going to do a shared project with your community, you should always have an agreement before starting the project. In this agreement, go over what each community member is responsible for and how much they would need to contribute. Include every cost that will be shared, even the cost of getting a septic tank cleaning service. This is to prevent any member from breaking the agreement later on and the work being put up to you. If you want, you can work with a solicitor and allow them to write you a draft.

Septic Blue

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