A Brief History of the Septic Tank

March 24 2024

A Brief History of the Septic Tank

A septic tank is a sewage disposal system that has evolved greatly. If you are curious about the history of septic tanks, from their origins in the ancient world, the Middle Ages, and Victorian septic tanks to our modern system, this article is for you. Let’s get started on our history of septic tanks.

Origin of Septic Tank

The basic sewage disposal system involved digging a hole and burying it. This was not sanitary, and waste could be seen around corners. The same thing was done on the grass. The population was small, and many lands had yet to be discovered.

Septic Tanks in the Ancient World

The ancient world followed a more sanitary system. They had complex engineering systems that effectively carried the waste away and collected it in one space with the water flowing all in one direction. India, the Greeks, and the Romans inspired the method during the ancient world. The human waste was pooled in one area. The growing need for waste management grew larger and larger and forced people to come up with new options.

Septic Tank in the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages was a step back for everyone due to the fall of the Roman Empire. The societies left their urban homes and settled in rural areas, adapting to more traditional disposal methods.

The First Septic Tank

The first septic tank, after the Victorian septic tanks, originated in France. Around 1860, Jean-Louis Mouras believed storing the sewage was better than discharging it immediately. After years of construction, he dismantled the tank, and it was almost free from solids. They had their patent in 1881, and it was introduced to the USA in 1883. However, it did end up having some difficulties attached to it. Do you need to get a septic tank repair? Call Septic Blue today.

Modern Septic Tanks

The modern septic tank was developed around the 1970s. It includes tables and installations, removes solids, and makes it very easy to handle people's waste. Modern septic tanks come in different sizes and shapes and are made from different materials. One thing we do know, though, is that they solved much of the city’s problems with waste management. Call Septic Blue to get your septic tank installation today.

Types of Septic Systems

  • Conventional System: The conventional system is also known as a drainfield. It is normally installed in small homes or businesses. The pipe is from the septic tank and falls to the wastewater flow. With the filters through the stones, the microbes are treated.
  • Drip Distribution System: This type of disposal system requires no large mound of soil. However, a large dose of the tank is required to accommodate the timed dose delivery of wastewater. Looking for a trustworthy septic company? Look no further with Septic Blue.

Septic Blue

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