3 Ways to Save Money on Septic Services

September 11 2022

3 Ways to Save Money on Septic Services

Septic maintenance is a routine task that causes you to spend a fair amount of money. Although you’re expected to spend money to take care of your septic system, it doesn’t have to empty out your wallet either. You can save money in your pocket for your next septic service by following these tips.

Prepare Your Tank for Pumping

As a homeowner, you should know the location of your septic tank. You may be charged an additional locating fee if workers take too long to find the septic tank. Be aware of any signs, if you’ve been seeing any lately so that you can explain them to the professionals. By learning about your complaints, they can narrow down the inspection and locate the problem at hand in less time, resulting in fewer labor charges. You should also expose the lids. If your septic tank lids are buried deep underground or have rocks filled over them, workers may charge extra to clear them out. Always ask your septic company for details about fees. Learn how much they charge for septic tank pumping and any other additional fees that are not listed or presented to you.

Keep Your Septic Tank Clean – Inside and Out

Filter out what you send down your drains. Anything besides toilet paper and waste should not be flushed down the toilet. As for the kitchen, oils, grease, hair, antibacterial soaps, and other substances that can harm your septic tank should be strictly restricted from entering the drains. As a septic system owner, you should also be aware of the type of chemical products you use in your household. Most products aren’t septic safe, they can kill off the anaerobic bacteria that help break down the solid waste in your septic tank. When there are fewer bacteria available for the job, the breakdown of waste takes longer, which can cause problems like overflowing and backups. When buying cleaning products, check for ones that are septic-safe.

Sustainable Water Usage

While conserving water is something we should be doing in our everyday lives, it’s especially important for our septic systems. The whole disposal process is determined by the amount of waste produced and the water used. Regulate the amount of water you use at once and throughout the week. For example, have full loads of laundry for one day of the week instead of small, separate loads for every day. Don’t shower and turn on the washing machine at the same time. These abrupt, excessive amounts of water at once can shock your septic tank and lead to backups. Also, keep doing the basic water-saving habits like turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth and having 5-10 minute showers. You’ll be saving plenty of money without even realizing it.

Whom to Call

If you need a reliable septic company to perform an inspection or septic tank pumping on your septic system, call Septic Blue. Our professional plumbers are well-trained and have the knowledge and experience to tackle on any problem with your septic system.